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Working with BrownThompson

You have many means to get from A to B in corporate America. However, getting to C—by which we mean CFO—is an exclusive destination reached only by a relative few. Once attained, keeping your foothold and continuing to add value can also be more than half the job.

Seeking appropriate C-level opportunities merely through existing contacts, even for the most seasoned and accomplished executives, is not recommended in today’s marketplace for executive talent.

BrownThompson connects candidates like you from around Southern California and the nation with senior financial executive opportunities in technology, finance, manufacturing, supply chain management, engineering, and distribution plus a growing list of diverse industrial sectors in San Diego and Orange counties.

Discretion, Professionalism and Personal Service

Senior executives like you re-locate, change companies or shift careers for reasons as varied and unique as you are. Whatever your motivation for seeking change or transition, BrownThompson ensures the highest level of confidentiality, professionalism and mutual respect.

In fact, had we experienced another executive search firm that met our own expectations for service, professionalism and results, we would have been content to refer clients from our contingent search affiliate, Thompson Financial Search.

When excellence has been your target for 25 years, settling is not an option. Thus, BrownThompson was conceived.

If you also desire a level of professionalism and excellence that will lead you to a successful placement, please tell us about yourself by sending a confidential email and résumé to BrownThompson. If you prefer to submit your résumé via mail, please refer to our Contact page for mailing directions.

How We Ensure the Right Match for You

Our goal is to place you in a position where you’ll do the best work of your career in an organization where you will fit like a glove. In order to assess the right cultural environment for this to happen, we apply our advanced candidate assessment approach. The results will help guide the choices we made and recommend to clients.

While job performance is measured by numbers, identifying the right fit between people and organizations is a matter of alchemy and insight. At BrownThompson, we look beyond your résumé and achievements to see how you work, who you are, and what’s important to you. In this fashion, we ensure that all recommended candidates are joining an organization that will meet everyone’s needs, given the client’s organizational culture.

As a team comprised of a senior business leader and executive search expert, BrownThompson is a quick study in our client’s culture and needs and our candidate’s capabilities and goals, which leads to a superior match. However, before we can make opportunity knock for you, an address is needed. Please start the process with a strictly confidential email to BrownThompson.